COMPAQ 430463-001, KDB0505HB, 6529WXR CPU Cooling fan
For COMPAQ 430463-001, KDB0505HB, 6529WXR CPU Cooling fan
The COMPAQ 430463-001, KDB0505HB, 6529WXR CPU Cooling fan are made form highest quality parts,the laptop cpu fan are toailored made according to the original size,whether the appearance,size and quality are same with the original. The COMPAQ 430463-001, KDB0505HB, 6529WXR CPU Cooling fan keep your computer cool with optimal temperature.Every laptop cpu fan should be under strict control before leave the factory,and has passed the authentication of CE,ROHS etc.


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  • Model: COMPAQ 430463-001, KDB0505HB, 6529WXR CPU Cooling fan
  • 100 Units in Stock


Brand new for 430463-001 COMPAQ Presario V3000 V3500 V3600 V3700 V3800 Series laptop cup cooling fan

Tested to be 100% working properly.
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 180 days

Notice: after you receive the fan 's screw hole is a little bigger than yours, just cut a little edge off, then it will be used and work great.

Fit Models:

COMPAQ Presario V3000 Series:

V3000, V3000T, V3000T CTO, V3000Z, V3000Z CTO, V3001, V3001AU, V3001TU, V3002, V3002AU, V3002TU, V3003, V3003AU, V3003TU, V3004, V3004AU, V3004TU, V3005, V3005AU, V3005TU, V3006AU, V3006TU, V3007, V3007AU, V3007TU, V3008AU, V3008TU, V3009AU, V3009TU, V3010AU, V3010CA, V3010TU, V3010US, V3011AU, V3011TU, V3012AU, V3012TU, V3013AU, V3013TU, V3014AU, V3014TU, V3015, V3015AU, V3015CA, V3015EA, V3015NR, V3015TU, V3016AU, V3016TU, V3016US, V3017AU, V3017LA, V3017TU, V3018AU, V3018CL, V3018TU, V3018US, V3019AU, V3019TU, V3019US, V3020AU, V3020CA, V3020TU, V3020US, V3021AU, V3021TU, V3022AU, V3022TU, V3023AU, V3023TU, V3024AU, V3024TU, V3025AU, V3025TU, V3026AU, V3026TU, V3027AU, V3027TU, V3028AU, V3028TU, V3029AU, V3029TU, V3030AU, V3030CA, V3030TU, V3030US, V3031AU, V3031TU, V3032AU, V3032TU, V3033AU, V3033TU, V3034AU, V3034TU, V3035AU, V3035TU, V3036AU, V3036TU, V3037AU, V3037TU, V3038AU, V3038TU, V3039AU, V3039TU, V3040TU, V3041AU, V3041TU, V3042AU, V3042TU, V3043AU, V3043TU, V3044AU, V3044TU, V3045AU, V3045TU, V3046AU, V3046TU, V3047TU, V3048TU, V3049TU, V3050TU, V3051TU, V3052TU, V3053TU, V3054TU, V3055TU, V3056TU, V3057TU, V3058TU, V3059TU, V3060TU, V3061TU, V3062TU, V3063TU, V3064TU, V3065TU, V3066TU, V3067TU, V3069TU, V3070TU, V3071TU, V3072TU

COMPAQ Presario V3500 Series:

V3500, V3500 GG241PA (V3513TU), V3500 GC247PA (V3501TU), V3500 GC248PA (V3502TU), V3500 GC249PA (V3503TU), V3500 GC250PA (V3504TU), V3500 GC251PA (V3505TU), V3500 GC252PA (V3506TU), V3500 GC253PA (V3507TU), V3500 GC254PA (V3508TU), V3500 GC255PA (V3509TU), V3500 GC255PAR (V3509TU), V3500 GG201PA (V3510TU), V3500 GG201PAR (V3510TU), V3500 GG205PA (V3511TU), V3500 GG209PA (V3512TU), V3500 GG241PAR (V3513TU), V3500 GJ146PA (V3514TU), V3500 GJ147PA (V3515TU), V3500 GJ147PAR (V3515TU), V3500 GJ161PA (V3516TU), V3500 GJ162PA (V3517TU), V3500 GJ163PA (V3518TU), V3500 GJ165PA (V3519TU), V3500 GM159PA (V3520TU), V3500 GM225PA (V3521TU), V3500 GM225PAR (V3521TU), V3500 GM226PA (V3522TU), V3500 GM227PA (V3523TU), V3500 GM228PA (V3524TU), V3500 GM235PA (V3525TU), V3500 GM245PA (V3526TU), V3500 GM246PA (V3527TU), V3500 GN337PA (V3528TU), V3500 GN362PA (V3529TU), V3500 GP247PA (V3530TU), V3500 GP293PA (V3531TU), V3500 GP340PA (V3532TU), V3500 GP341PA (V3533TU), V3500 GS105PA (V3534TU), V3500 GS105PAR (V3534TU), V3500 GT974PA (V3535TU), V3500 RM935AV

COMPAQ Presario V3600 Series:

V3600 GY458LA (V3618LA), V3600 GX832PA (V3614AU), V3600 GX850PA (V3641TU), V3600 GY467LA (V3619LA), V3600 GJ841AV, V3600 GJ842AV, V3600 GM748AV, V3600 GS121PA (V3601TU), V3600 GS122PA (V3602TU), V3600 GS123PA (V3603TU), V3600 GS124PA (V3604TU), V3600 GT953PA (V3601AU), V3600 GT954PA (V3602AU), V3600 GT956PA (V3601TX), V3600 GT957PA (V3605TU), V3600 GT970PA (V3603AU), V3600 GT975PA (V3602TX), V3600 GT977PA (V3604AU), V3600 GT981PA (V3603TX), V3600 GT982PA (V3606TU), V3600 GT983PA (V3607TU), V3600 GT984PA (V3608TU), V3600 GT985PA (V3609TU), V3600 GT986PA (V3610TU), V3600 GT994PA (V3605AU), V3600 GT997PA (V3604TX), V3600 GT998PA (V3611TU), V3600 GT999PA (V3612TU), V3600 GU001PA (V3613TU), V3600 GU002PA (V3614TU), V3600 GU009PA (V3615TU), V3600 GU013PA (V3616TU), V3600 GU014PA (V3606AU), V3600 GU015PA (V3607AU), V3600 GU017PA (V3608AU), V3600 GU018PA (V3609AU), V3600 GU019PA (V3610AU), V3600 GU020PA (V3611AU), V3600 GU021PA (V3612AU), V3600 GU023PA (V3613AU), V3600 GU025PA (V3617TU), V3600 GU026PA (V3618TU), V3600 GU027PA (V3619TU), V3600 GU028PA (V3620TU), V3600 GU032PA (V3621TU), V3600 GU033PA (V3622TU), V3600 GU034PA (V3623TU), V3600 GU035PA (V3624TU), V3600 GU036PA (V3625TU), V3600 GU040PA (V3626TU), V3600 GU041PA (V3627TU), V3600 GU042PA (V3628TU), V3600 GU043PA (V3629TU), V3600 GU044PA (V3630TU), V3600 GU045PA (V3631TU), V3600 GU046PA (V3632TU), V3600 GX828PA (V3633TU), V3600 GX829PA (V3634TU), V3600 GX830PA (V3635TU), V3600 GX832PAR (V3614AU), V3600 GX833PA (V3615AU), V3600 GX834PA (V3616AU), V3600 GX835PA (V3617AU), V3600 GX844PA (V3605TX), V3600 GX845PA (V3636TU), V3600 GX846PA (V3637TU), V3600 GX847PA (V3638TU), V3600 GX848PA (V3639TU), V3600 GX849PA (V3640TU), V3600 GX851PA (V3606TX), V3600 GX854PA (V3618AU), V3600 GX855PA (V3619AU), V3600 GX856PA (V3620AU), V3600 GX859PA (V3621AU), V3600 GX860PA (V3622AU), V3600 GX872PA (V3623AU), V3600 GX873PA (V3624AU), V3600 GX880PA (V3607TX), V3600 GX881PA (V3642TU), V3600 GX886PA (V3625AU), V3600 GX887PA (V3626AU), V3600 GX888PA (V3627AU), V3600 GX889PA (V3628AU), V3600 GX890PA (V3629AU), V3600 GX891PA (V3630AU), V3600 GX892PA (V3631AU), V3600 GX897PA (V3608TX), V3600 GX898PA (V3609TX), V3600 GX899PA (V3610TX), V3600 GX900PA (V3643TU), V3600 GX901PA (V3644TU), V3600 GX902PA (V3645TU), V3600 GX903PA (V3646TU), V3600 GX909PA (V3647TU), V3600 GX910PA (V3648TU), V3600 GX912PA (V3649TU), V3600 GX915PA (V3650TU), V3600 GX919PA (V3651TU), V3600 GZ305LA (V3615LA), V3600 GZ306LA (V3617LA), V3600 GZ336PA (V3652TU), V3600 GZ338PA (V3632AU), V3600 GZ339PA (V3633AU), V3600 GZ340PA (V3634AU), V3600 GZ341PA (V3635AU), V3600 GZ342PA (V3636AU), V3600 GZ348PA (V3653TU), V3600 GZ356PA (V3637AU), V3600 GZ357PA (V3638AU), V3600 GZ366PA (V3611TX), V3600 GZ367PA (V3612TX), V3600 GZ368PA (V3613TX), V3600 GZ369PA (V3654TU), V3600 GZ370PA (V3655TU), V3600 GZ371PA (V3656TU), V3600 GZ372PA (V3657TU), V3600 GZ376PA (V3658TU), V3600 GZ377PA (V3659TU), V3600 GZ379PA (V3660TU), V3600 GZ380PA (V3661TX), V3600 GZ381PA (V3639AU), V3600 GZ382PA (V3640AU), V3600 GZ390PA (V3662TU), V3600 GZ391PA (V3641AU), V3600 GZ392PA (V3642AU), V3600 GZ396PA (V3663TU), V3600 GZ397PA (V3664TU), V3600 GZ417PA (V3665TU), V3600 GZ418PA (V3666TU), V3600 GZ419PA (V3643AU), V3600 GZ432PA (V3644AU), V3600 GZ433PA (V3667TU), V3600 KB093PA (V3645AU), V3600 KB094PA (V3646AU), V3600 KB095PA (V3614TX), V3600 KB096PA (V3615TX), V3600 KB097PA (V3668TU), V3600 KB098PA (V3669TU), V3600 KB099PA (V3670TU), V3600 KB103PA (V3616TX), V3600 KB104PA (V3647AU), V3600 KB107PA (V3671TU), V3600 KB119PA (V3672TU), V3600 KB129PA (V3673TU), V3600 KB130PA (V3674TU), V3600 KB131PA (V3675TU), V3600 KB132PA (V3676TU), V3600 KB133PA (V3677TU), V3600 KB140PA (V3648AU), V3600 KB141PA (V3649AU), V3600 KB142PA (V3650AU), V3600 KB169PA (V3678TU), V3600 KD492PC (V3651AU), V3600 KK802PA (V3679TU), V3600 KK803PA (V3652AU), V3600 KK834PA (V3680TU), V3600 RW027AV, V3600 RW028AV

COMPAQ Presario V3700 Series:

V3700 KK804PA (V3732AU), V3700 KK883PA (V3760TU), V3700 GP345AV, V3700 GP346AV, V3700 GP366AV, V3700 GP367AV, V3700 GP368AV, V3700 KB174PA (V3701TU), V3700 KB175PA (V3702TU), V3700 KB176PA (V3703TU), V3700 KD246AS (V3751XX), V3700 KD247AS (V3752XX), V3700 KD255AS (V3701XX), V3700 KD313PA (V3701AU), V3700 KD314PA (V3702AU), V3700 KD315PA (V3704TU), V3700 KD316PA (V3705TU), V3700 KD317PA (V3706TU), V3700 KD318PA (V3707TU), V3700 KD319PA (V3708TU), V3700 KD320PA (V3709TU), V3700 KD321PA (V3710TU), V3700 KD322PA (V3711TU), V3700 KD323PA (V3712TU), V3700 KD324PA (V3713TU), V3700 KD325PA (V3714TU), V3700 KD326PA (V3715TU), V3700 KD327PA (V3716TU), V3700 KD333PA (V3703AU), V3700 KD334PA (V3704AU), V3700 KD335PA (V3705AU), V3700 KD336PA (V3706AU), V3700 KD337PA (V3707AU), V3700 KD338PA (V3708AU), V3700 KD339PA (V3709AU), V3700 KD340PA (V3710AU), V3700 KD341PA (V3711AU), V3700 KD342PA (V3717TU), V3700 KD343PA (V3718TU), V3700 KD348PA (V3712AU), V3700 KD349PA (V3719TU), V3700 KD350PA (V3720TU), V3700 KD351PA (V3713AU), V3700 KD352PA (V3714AU), V3700 KD353PA (V3715AU), V3700 KD354PA (V3716AU), V3700 KD364PA (V3717AU), V3700 KD365PA (V3718AU), V3700 KD366PA (V3719AU), V3700 KD367PA (V3720AU), V3700 KD368PA (V3721AU), V3700 KD369PA (V3722AU), V3700 KD374PA (V3701TX), V3700 KD375PA (V3721TX), V3700 KD376PA (V3722TU), V3700 KD382PA (V3723TU), V3700 KD383PA (V3724TU), V3700 KD384PA (V3725TU), V3700 KD385PA (V3726TU), V3700 KD386PA (V3727TU), V3700 KD398PA (V3728TU), V3700 KD403PA (V3723AU), V3700 KD404PA (V3724AU), V3700 KG522PA (V3702TX), V3700 KG523PA (V3729TU), V3700 KG524PA (V3730TU), V3700 KG525PA (V3731TU), V3700 KG526PA (V3732TU), V3700 KG527PA (V3733TU), V3700 KG528PA (V3734TU), V3700 KG529PA (V3725AU), V3700 KG532PA (V3735TU), V3700 KG533PA (V3736TU), V3700 KG534PA (V3737TU), V3700 KG535PA (V3738TU), V3700 KG536PA (V3703TX), V3700 KG544PA (V3739TU), V3700 KG545PA (V3740TU), V3700 KG551PA (V3726AU), V3700 KG552PA (V3727AU), V3700 KG565PA (V3704TX), V3700 KG566PA (V3705TX), V3700 KG567PA (V3741TU), V3700 KG568PA (V374T2U), V3700 KG593PA (V3728AU), V3700 KG594PA (V3729AU), V3700 KG605PA (V3743TU), V3700 KG609PA (V3730AU), V3700 KG610PA (V3731AU), V3700 KG611PA (V3744TU), V3700 KK805PA (V3733AU), V3700 KK806PA (V3734AU), V3700 KK807PA (V3735AU), V3700 KK810PA (V3706TX), V3700 KK811PA (V3745TU), V3700 KK830PA (V3736AU), V3700 KK831PA (V3737AU), V3700 KK843PA (V3738AU), V3700 KK844PA (V3739AU), V3700 KK849PA (V3746TU), V3700 KK852PA (V3749TU), V3700 KK853PA (V3750TU), V3700 KK854PA (V3751TU), V3700 KK855PA (V3752TU), V3700 KK856PA (V3740AU), V3700 KK859PA (V3753TU), V3700 KK863PA (V3741AU), V3700 KK876PA (V3742AU), V3700 KK877PA (V3754TU), V3700 KK878PA (V3755TU), V3700 KK879PA (V3756TU), V3700 KK880PA (V3757TU), V3700 KK881PA (V3758TU), V3700 KK882PA (V3759TU), V3700 KK974LA (V3715LA), V3700 KK975LA (V3717LA), V3700 KK976LA (V3718LA), V3700 KM758PA (V3761TU), V3700 KM759PA (V3762TU), V3700 KM760PA (V3763TU), V3700 KM765PA (V3764TU), V3700 KM766PA (V3765TU), V3700 KM773PA (V3707TX), V3700 KM780PA (V3766TU), V3700 KM781PA (V3767TU), V3700 KM782PA (V3768TU), V3700 KM783PA (V3769TU), V3700 KM791PA (V3743AU), V3700 KM795PA (V3770TU), V3700 KM800PA (V3744AU), V3700 KM801PA (V3745AU), V3700 KP094PA (V3771TU), V3700 KP095PA (V3746AU), V3700 KP096PA (V3747AU), V3700 KP098PA (V3748AU), V3700 KP101PA (V3772TU), V3700 KP102PA (V3773TU), V3700 KP135PA (V3777TU), V3700 KP152PA, V3700 KP153PA, V3700 KP160PA (V3779TU), V3700 KP161PA (V3780TU), V3700 KQ817PC (V3776TU), V3700 KS413PA (V3709TX), V3700 KS414PA (V3710TX), V3700 KS415PA (V3781TU), V3700 KS416PA (V3782TU), V3700 KS418PA (V3783TU), V3700 KS419PA (V3784TU), V3700 KS420PA (V3785TU), V3700 KS421PA (V3786TU), V3700 KS422PA (V3787TU), V3700 KS423PA (V3788TU), V3700 KS424PA (V3789TU), V3700 KS425PA (V3790TU), V3700 KS426PA (V3791TU), V3700 KS427PA (V3792TU), V3700 KS428PA (V3793TU), V3700 KS429PA (V3794TU), V3700 KS430PA (V3795TU), V3700 KS431PA (V3796TU), V3700 KS432PA (V3797TU), V3700 KS433PA (V3798TU), V3700 KT164PA (V3751AU), V3700 KT165PA (V3752AU), V3700 KT166PA (V3753AU), V3700 KT167PA (V3754AU), V3700 KT168PA (V3755AU), V3700 KT218PA (V3703VU), V3700 KT219PA (V3704VU), V3700 KU721PC (V3799TU), V3700 KU722PC (V3701TU), V3700 KU723PC (V3702TU), V3700 KU808PA (V3705VU)

COMPAQ Presario V3800 Series:

V3800 KS376PA (V3803TU), V3800 KS381PA (V3802AU), V3800 FE032PA (V3825TU), V3800 FE039PA (V3818AU), V3800 FE047PA (V3826TU), V3800 FE048PA (V3827TU), V3800 FE051PA (V3828TU), V3800 FE052PA (V3829TU), V3800 FE053PA (V3830TU), V3800 FE057PA (V3831TU), V3800 FE060PA (V3809TX), V3800 FE061PA (V3832TU), V3800 FE080PA, V3800 FE081PA, V3800 FE082PA, V3800 FE100PA, V3800 FE101PA, V3800 FE106PA, V3800 FE107PA, V3800 FE108PA, V3800 KS368PA (V3801TU), V3800 KS374PA (V3801TX), V3800 KS375PA (V3802TU), V3800 KS377PA (V3804TU), V3800 KS378PA (V3805TU), V3800 KS379PA (V3806TU), V3800 KS380PA (V3801AU), V3800 KS382PA (V3803AU), V3800 KS383PA (V3804AU), V3800 KS388PA (V3805AU), V3800 KS395PA (V3802TX), V3800 KS396PA (V3803TX), V3800 KS397PA (V3804TX), V3800 KS398PA (V3807TU), V3800 KS399PA (V3808TU), V3800 KS400PA (V3809TU), V3800 KS401PA (V3810TU), V3800 KT178PA (V3811TU), V3800 KT203PA (V3812TU), V3800 KT204PA (V3813TU), V3800 KT214PA (V3814TU), V3800 KT227PA (V3806AU), V3800 KT228PA (V3807AU), V3800 KT234PA (V3815TU), V3800 KT235PA (V3816TU), V3800 KT236PA (V3817TU), V3800 KT244PA (V3836TX), V3800 KT245PA (V3818TU), V3800 KT248PA (V3806TX), V3800 KT249PA (V3807TX), V3800 KT250PA (V3819TU), V3800 KT255PA (V3808AU), V3800 KU759PA (V3809AU), V3800 KU760PA (V3810AU), V3800 KU769PA (V3820TU), V3800 KU772PA (V3821TU), V3800 KU773PA (V3822TU), V3800 KU774PA (V3811AU), V3800 KU791PA (V3823TU), V3800 KU792PA (V3814AU), V3800 KU793PA (V3815AU), V3800 KU798PA (V3808TX), V3800 KU799PA (V3824TU), V3800 KU850PA (V3817AU), V3800 KV704AS (V3851XX), V3800 KV864AS (V3801XX)

Part Numbers:

HP 430463-001, KDB0505HB, 6529WXR, 60.4F539.001

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