Samsung X118 NP-X118 NT-X118 CPU Cooling Fan
For Samsung X118 NP-X118 NT-X118 CPU Cooling Fan
The Samsung X118 NP-X118 NT-X118 CPU Cooling Fan are made form highest quality parts,the laptop cpu fan are toailored made according to the original size,whether the appearance,size and quality are same with the original. The Samsung X118 NP-X118 NT-X118 CPU Cooling Fan keep your computer cool with optimal temperature.Every laptop cpu fan should be under strict control before leave the factory,and has passed the authentication of CE,ROHS etc.


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  • Model: Samsung X118 NP-X118 NT-X118 CPU Cooling Fan
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Brand new for MCF-923BM05 Samsung X118 X120 X123 X125 X125 X130 X170 X180 X181 Series Cooling CPU Fan
Tested to be 100% working properly.
Type: Laptop CPU Fan
Condition: brand new
Warranty: 180 day

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Samsung X118 NP-X118 NT-X118 11.6 Series
X118-DA01 X118-DA02 X118-DA04 X118-DA07 X118-DA0J X120-FA01 NP-X118-DA01 NP-X118-DA04 NP-X118-DA07

Samsung X120 NP-X120 NT-X120 11.6 Series
X120-FA02 X120-FA03 X120-JA01 X120-JA01UK X120-JA01ZA X120-JA02 NP-X120-FA01 NP-X120-FA02 NP-X120-FA03 NP-X120-FA03UK NP-X120-JA01 NP-X120-JA01UK NP-X120-JA02 NP-X120-JA02UK NP-X120-JA03 NP-X120-PA01 NP-X120-PA01UK X120-JA03 X120-FA03UK X120 PA01UK X120-AA01DE

Samsung X123 NP-X123 NT-X123 11.6 Series
X123-DA02 NP-X123-DA02CNX123-DA01 NP-X123-DA01CN X123-DA01 X123-DA03 X123-DA01TH X123-DA01CN X123 NF210 NP-X123-DA01TH NP-X123-DA03CN NP-X123-DA02CNX123-DA01

Samsung X125 NP-X125 NT-X125 11.6 Series
X125-JA01 X125-JA01UK X125-JA02 X125-JA03NP-X125-JA01 NP-X125-JA01UK NP-X125-JA02 NP-X125-JA02BE NP-X125-JA02NL NP-X125-JA01U NPX125JA01UK NP-X125-JA02BE NP-X125-JA03CN

Samsung X128 NP-X128 NT-X128 11.6 Series
X128-DA04 NP-X128-DA04CN X128 CMFSSD-128D1

Samsung X130 NP-X130 NT-X130 11.6 Series
NP-X130 NT-X130 X130-JA01 X130-JA02 NP-X130X-JA01 NP-X130-JA02 NP-130-LBG14P1 NP-X130-JA01CN NP-X130-JA01ZA 1

Samsung X170 NP-X170 NT-X170 11.6 Series
NT-X170-AA11B NT-X170-AA21S NT-X170-AA31B NT-X170-BABIB NT-X170-BABIP NT-X170-PA40SE NT-X170-PA52S NT-X170-PA53P NT-X170-PA53Y NT-X170-PAK5BB NT-X170-PINK NT-X170-PA53B NT-X170-PA54B NT-X170-JA42

Samsung X180 NP-X180 NT-X180 X181 NP-X181 NT-X181 11.6 Series

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